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Exclusively Representing the Carrier Industry

Transportation Law Attorneys

Exclusively Representing the Carrier Industry

Since 1985, Roberts & Associates has been representing industries, insurers, and other entities involved in the nation’s transportation sector both nationally and internationally. Our goal is simple: to provide exceptional counsel and legal services for motor carriers and organizations of the transportation industries.

With a solid record of federal court rulings beneficial to the transportation industry, Roberts & Associates is recognized nationwide for our legal skill. As a result, many of our clients, upon working with us, think of us as in-house counsel, relying upon our extensive experience and insightful knowledge of the transportation industry to obtain the most efficient and cost-effective solution possible.


Representing the Needs of Carriers & Brokers

We represent the legal needs of the carrier & transportation industry.

  • Transportation Law

    Transportation Law

    Transportation law covers all manner and methods of moving goods from one place to another. There are many pieces that make up transportation, from the vehicles used, to the cargo moved, to the regulations that cover them. Here at Roberts & Associates we’ve helped numerous READ MORE

  • Commercial Litigation & Disputes

    Commercial Litigation & Disputes

    Here at Roberts & Associates we’ve helped numerous clients throughout the US and have successfully handled all aspects of commercial litigation for the carrier industry. Mr. Roberts has won many federal court rulings which are favorable to the transportation industry, both at the trial and READ MORE

  • Insurance Law

    Insurance Law

    The term "insurance law" encompasses a broad range of services that law firms provide to clients in connection with insurance coverage disputes. Insurance coverage cases tend to focus on the language of the policy and case law and can be governed by domestic or international law. READ MORE

  • Bills of Lading & Tariffs

    Bills of Lading & Tariffs

    The bill of lading is both a basic contract of carriage and a document of title for the cargo, and its use has many legal consequences. Rules tariffs are a part of the shipping contract. Shippers can prepare their own bills of lading or other shipping documents that avoid incorporation of tariff READ MORE

  • Cargo Loss & Damage

    Cargo Loss & Damage

    Cargo loss and damage claims often involve complex liability concerns for carrier businesses. Our firm has successfully represented the national and international carrier and maritime companies against claims, including loss and damage claims under the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (COGSA). READ MORE

  • Contracts & Custom Documents

    Contracts & Custom Documents

    If you own a business that is involved in the transportation of goods, you know that there are a large number of legal issues which may arise. At Roberts & Associates, we have years of experience in the field of transportation law and can draw up the necessary contracts and negotiate on READ MORE

  • Admiralty & Maritime Law

    Admiralty & Maritime Law

    Admiralty Law, also called Maritime Law, or Marine Law, is a combination of U.S. and international law. Our firm specializes in a wide range of transactional legal matters such as contracts, regulatory issues, cargo damage, international arbitrations, marine insurance law, marine reinsurance, READ MORE

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    Mergers and acquisitions are complex procedures that require legal counsel analyze the structure details, assets, and liabilities of the companies involved. Roberts and Associates, with their deep knowledge of the carrier industry has the necessary skills needed. Completing a merger READ MORE

  • Employment Law

    Employment Law

    Roberts and Associates can draw up detailed employment contracts that comply with the MLC 2006 convention, thereby helping to protect maritime companies and will vigorously defend them in a timely manner when disputes arise. READ MORE

  • Corporate and Regulatory Filings

    Corporate and Regulatory Filings

    Typical shipping transactions involve a parent company a ships registry, and a vessel located in different jurisdictions means that international issues are especially relevant. Jurisdictional issues, tax aspects and local regulations will have a major impact on how an entire transaction is structured READ MORE


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We represent some of the most respected companies & organizations in the carrier industry.