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David W. Smith of Roberts & Associates Speaks at FMA Winter Conference

Known for his keen understanding of transportation law and how it intersects with the transportation and insurance industries, David W. Smith of Roberts & Associates recently had the opportunity to attend the FMA Winter Conference in Kissimmee, Florida. Held on January 26th and 27th, the FMA Winter Conference brought together industry professionals and FMA members from all corners of the state and with a wide arrangement of backgrounds and experiences. It served as a prime opportunity for professionals to hone their skills and understanding of relevant regulations, legislations, and topics by networking with and learning from their peers. Our law firm is proud to have been sponsors of this event and we look forward to the next continued participation and sponsorship of this wonderful organization.

FMA Winter Conference

While the FMA Winter Conference did bring up a variety of important topics businesses and commercial entities of all sorts and sizes should know, the overarching theme was “The Future of the Workplace and Workforce” and “The Changing Workforce and Millennials: How to Engage and Keep Them Motivated”. The sponsors and speakers helped establish the forum of discussion and paid attention to the audience, engaging them whenever possible. It is through direct interaction with attendees that most people can genuinely pick up on the subject matter and retain it.

Personally, David had a great time at the FMA Winter Conference and hopes everyone else did as well. He particularly enjoyed all the chances to meet attendees, hear the specifics about their businesses, and exploring expectations and concerns for 2018 during a roundtable discussion. If this sounds like an event you would have liked to attend, be sure to keep an eye open for the next one in your area. You can also frequent our blog to see if we post important updates about upcoming conferences and seminars.

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