Bills of Lading & Tariffs

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Bills of Lading & Tariffs

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Bills of Lading & Tariffs for the Carrier Industry

The bill of lading is both a basic contract of carriage and a document of title for the cargo, and its use has many legal consequences. Rules tariffs are a part of the shipping contract.Shippers can prepare their own bills of lading or other shipping documents that avoid incorporation of tariff provisions, but these should be reviewed by counsel to ensure that the carrier isn’t giving up its opportunity to specify the terms under which it provides service. For example, is the carrier is forfeiting its right to elect the short nine (9) month claim filing and two year lawsuit filing time limitations that are allowed but not automatic? Other issues found include references to the Interstate Commerce Commission (terminated in 1995), or the NMFC (carriers are now required to participate in tariff 49 USC 13703).

Roberts and Associates review, draft, and revise tariffs and bills of lading to ensure legal accuracy of these important documents.

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