Cargo Loss & Damage

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Cargo Loss & Damage

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Cargo Loss & Damage for the Carrier Industry

Cargo loss and damage claims often involve complex liability concerns for carrier businesses. Our firm has successfully represented the national and international carrier and maritime companies against claims, including loss and damage claims under the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (COGSA). We understand the unique legal and business challenges our clients face.Our lawyers advise and defend shippers, ocean carriers, marine terminals, stevedores, insurance companies, freight forwarders, and ground freight carriers in claims and lawsuits brought in state and federal courts arising out of the loss, damage and non-delivery of cargo. We are dedicated to providing protection to our clients from potential liability and by interpreting application of terms and provisions in bills of lading, stevedoring agreements and insurance policies.We also work with our insurance carrier clients in pursuing subrogation claims to recover amounts they have paid out in connection with cargo loss and damage claims.

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