Corporate and Regulatory Filings

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Corporate and Regulatory Filings

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Corporate and Regulatory Filings for the Carrier Industry

Typical shipping transactions involve a parent company a ships registry, and a vessel located in different jurisdictions means that international issues are especially relevant. Jurisdictional issues, tax aspects and local regulations will have a major impact on how an entire transaction is structured and practical issues such as currency risks and transfer of cargo from ship to ground and final delivery all are highly regulated. Roberts and Associates has the experienced attorneys to deal with the process.

The maritime industry is subject to a significant degree of regulation. Roberts and Associates keeps current on the national and international issues in order to advise our clients on all regulatory and legislative changes, including those involving emerging technologies, as well as current filling with the Federal Maritime Commission and the World Shipping Council.

We provide advice on all aspects of regulation to protect our clients against issues of non-compliance, and work with all national and international government agencies on vessel safety, import/export issues, licensing, marine facility operations, employment regulations, environmental issues and requirements, and maritime security.

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