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Employment Law for the Carrier Industry

Roberts and Associates can draw up detailed employment contracts that comply with the MLC 2006 convention, thereby helping to protect maritime companies and will vigorously defend them in a timely manner when disputes arise.

As of January 2019, a total of 90 countries had ratified the MLC 2006 Convention, which has resulted in more than 91% of the world’s shipping fleet being regulated. It applies to all seafarers, including those with jobs in hotel and other passenger services on cruise ships and commercial yachts. The MLC 2006 convention is over 100 pages long and governs every aspect of on board employment. Carriers need to issue detailed contracts that specify, all working conditions and at the same time protect the carriers in the event of disputes.

Enforcement is carried out in several ways. Flag states issue certificates to ships that comply with MLC 2006, and port states can inspect any ship coming into their ports even if the flag state hasn’t rarified the convention. Workers can issue a complaint if the requirements of MLC 2006 have not been met and port states have the right to detain a ship until any problems have been addressed.

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