Insurance Law

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Insurance Law

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Insurance Law for the Carrier Industry

The term “insurance law” encompasses a very broad range of services that law firms provide to clients in connection with insurance coverage disputes and other insurance-related matters.Insurance coverage cases tend to focus on the language of the policy and case law and can be governed by domestic or international law.

Roberts & Associates has extensive experience representing both national and international interests in the transportation industry, and dealing with the complex issues of both national and international insurance claims. Areas of insurance litigation can include professional liability,business disruption, marine insurance, theft and fraud, reinsurance, catastrophic loss due to man-made and natural disasters, environmental impairment, and cargo damage or loss. We do not handle personal injury cases.

With our range experience in the transportation industry Roberts and Associates can also provide clients with insurance coverage counseling and advice on a wide array of issues, ranging from assessments of coverage needs,assemblage of a coverage portfolio, the transfer of insurance assets in corporate transactions, with tax planning in connection with insurance payments or recoveries, and alternative underwriting programs, such as captive insurance entities.

Our clients include both large and small commercial business owners and corporate policyholders. Our experience can help protect your business’s bottom line.

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