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Mergers & Acquisitions

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Mergers & Acquisitions for the Carrier Industry

Mergers and acquisitions are complex procedures that require legal counsel analyze the structure details, assets, and liabilities of the companies involved. Roberts and Associates, with their deep knowledge of the carrier industry has the necessary skills needed. Completing a merger or acquisition of another business is a major event that often has dramatic implications for all stakeholders. When it involves the carrier industry it can involve international law and maritime regulations.

The seller must produce detailed documentation including corporate governance documentation and operating information, a balance sheet of assets and liabilities, lists of real property, intellectual property, capitalization schedules, contractual rights, tax information, customers and vendors information, payroll liabilities and benefits, research and development, any other special industry considerations.

The acquiring company must then analyze the documentation and to identify any risks. I both cases representing council will be expected to scrutinize every detail and make sure the acquisition complies with state, federal and international regulations. Since Roberts and Associates are experienced in these areas, they can structure the deal, and negotiate the terms of the transaction.

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